Thursday, 28 July 2005

I discovered an interesting property of the lovely duvet cover Mum made for me, it swallowed almost every item except my pajamas and clean underwear for tomorrow, highly interesting. A less enjoyable re-discovery was that brambles hurt when you don't notice them hanging over the pavement. However I took a calm, reasoned approach and on my return journey brought my worn-out top-cutters with me and did a little public spirited pruning:).

On the house to home transition, I've bought some picture hooks to so I can hang up some pictures to break up the monotony of white walls, and requested the maintenance guy to put them up for me as they staff prefer. I'm intending to get a book on vegetarian cooking to see if there's some nice meals I can make without overloading my tiny freezer compartment with frozen meat. I've given Mark my old blackout curtains since the ones in his new bedroom aren't very good, helping him and getting them out of storage.

Selling some of my old videos on E-bay is going well, I posted five off on Saturday, on Monday my new DVD arrived, £10 profit without any loss to my viewing library.

Friday, 22 July 2005

Took the test my DOB no.1 was Abba's Take A Chance on Me, not too bad, but then I checked the no.1 for my 18th birthday. Take That's How Deep is your Love, The Horror, the indescribable horror. Even The Mr. Blobby song would have been better both in musical quality and lyric quality.

Went to a nice BBQ in the car park of my place actually met some people, unlike the multiple no-shows of the people in the Book Club. A little tired but OK
New from Bebo, doodle crap, and say that people smell, on online whiteboards...
Number one on the day I was born was Boomtown Rats - I don't like Mondays. That suits me I think. I'll go with that for my theme for life. I can't recall the one that was number one on my 18th birthday.

Thursday, 21 July 2005

Victor found this thing that tells you what was at no 1. on any given day since the US and UK charts started. Feel the misery:
What was No.1 on the day you were born?


Ebony & Ivory - Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder
[T]ry your life's theme song which is the No.1 on your 18th birthday


Bound 4 Da Reload - Oxide & Neutrino
And, on the understanding that that was my life's theme song, suicide would of course come onto the agenda.
Quick blog before work:

Well, ably assisted by Will I've finally moved in. Will seemed surprised at how rapidly it went, but he should know that I like to be prepared. Norris has been at my new place for a few days; he came back on the day I left, being disspiried about cleanig the place. This is not surprising - it is not by any stretch of the imagination a job that one person should try to do in two days.

Place is good - I find that a place on the cleaning rota precedes me, which I find cheering. I should have brought my quilt and pillows with me, as there's only a bed here, so I'll try and see if I can.

Anyway, 7:30, so I can start work now. See ya.

Saturday, 16 July 2005


Just realised I've had my new address details for ages, as Luke is in my Bebo address book. Here they are, if you're not already signed up. It's an online dynamic address book, which is a very good idea, but you have to create an account yourself.

Friday, 15 July 2005

Found an entertaining website it's a spoof of the Secret of Mana game of the SNES, a little South Park-y, a little Simpsons-esque. Very Silly

I hate humid and hot weather, I finally have the time to exercise more and I'm too lethargic from the heat, and feeling sweaty to want to do anything other than sit in front of an electric fan with a cup of squash. At least the forecast for the weekend says that the humidity should drop on Saturday which should feel much nicer.

Another week of minor frustrations and successes, unusually David was in on the Monday, arriving just as I was about to e-mail and fax the timesheets to the accountants so we'd get paid on time as he'd asked me to do last week. Thus interrupted, I assumed he would send the timesheets late on in the day. At the end of the day I asked if he'd sent the timesheets as was written in his office diary, he hadn't so I offered to send them the next day first thing, which I did.
The shop's rent check seems to have got lost in the post, I may be partly responsible as I forgot to post it on the way home on Wednesday of last week , I posted it first thing the next day but it hadn't arrived, rather worrying.
Trevor finally started to final check the seven clocks waiting to go, some of which have been waiting a while, however some of them required some finally adjustment which was a little annoying, but hopefully I'll have some free bench space again.

Friday, 8 July 2005

Yesterday's terrorism provoked an interesting chain of thought. Actual terrorism generally doesn't normally produce any beneficial results for the terrorists. The IRA bombings hardened England's determination to stay in Northern Ireland and the attack on the World Trade Centre provoked America into invading Afghanistan, and so al Qaeda lost a friendly government.

It occurred to me that mishandling of the aftermath of a terrorist attack can actually help to sway people towards the terrorist's point of view.
Terrorist carries out terrorism and claims responsibility, victim government(s) clamp down on Terrorist's ethnic or religious group (i.e. house arrests, Guantanamo Bay), media fuels public suspicion of group. Terrorist's ethnic\religious group or feels discriminated against and some will become more sympathetic towards Terrorist, especially the easily influenced.

So other than cleaning up the human consequences and property damage, would the best course be for the government to carefully and tactfully find out who was responsible and take them to court in the public eye, exposing them as the deluded fools they are?
Gah. Today has just been a series of problems - no work done. Rubbish.

Friday, 1 July 2005

Just to further break the monopoly, here's another blog to add to the list. Mahinda seems to be involved in all things am. dram. in Manchester, and also runs a hockey game each week which I've been failing to turn up to for some time now.