Thursday, 17 May 2012

More #twitterangelus

I know I know...

I shall blog about something else at some point. In any case, I shall be brief. I've been praying with #twitterangelus in Italian, and though no Italians seem to have joined us, some obliging anglophones have been praying in Italian with me.

So, as a gesture of goodwill I offered to make a recording in Italian in an attempt to "incarnate" the prayer a bit. And here it is, rushed off quickly yesterday after Noemi's bedtime and before ours. As always happens when you record yourself, I think it sounds horrible, and I can hear myself fluffing it in various places but never mind.

It's the Angelus proper, as we return to ordinary time soon (Monday?) and leave the Regina Caeli for other times; that's part of the reason I thought I'd do a quick recording now, so people could hear it in advance of praying it.

So that's that. Ta ra.

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